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  What People Are Saying…

Above – The Q & A workshop with the speaker was a fun gathering for a small group. Below – I love working with great leadership teams like these folks from National Pres.

      “There are always a few women who come to retreats, unsure and a bit skeptical, and our 2017 women’s retreat was no exception. But after our “BREATHE” weekend with Lucinda Secrest McDowell, they became true converts! Aside from the relevant theme, Cindy speaks with truth, grace, and a very engaging sense of humor. Her open and genuinely loving manner invites women to relax and receive God’s message through her. Cindy’s approach is “all in,” and she quickly felt like one of the group as she spent much time just hanging out with us and making time for private conversations. It was truly hard to see the weekend come to an end!” ~Ellen Lawler, Elder, National Presbyterian Church, Washington DC 

At the end of the day with just a few from the Grace Leadership Team.

            “At our recent Women’s Conference, Lucinda Secrest McDowell was not only a pleasure to work with, but her messages were well organized, to – the – point, and left me with some great insights. I felt energized and motivated to draw closer to God after hearing her speak.  I am now enjoying her devotional, “Dwelling Places”, her charisma and passion for the Lord come right through the pages.”    ~Brittany Manville, 27 year old mom and Conference Emcee, Grace Fellowship, N.Stonington CT

endcwc“Lucinda Secrest McDowell spoke at our Women’s Spring Brunch and was truly an inspiration to all who attended. Our theme was “Refresh Your Soul” and Lucinda’s message certainly encouraged and uplifted our souls, while helping us strive toward a deeper dependence on God. Her friendly, Southern personality made you feel as though you had know her for years. I would highly recommend Lucinda for women’s event and would definitely consider her again for future women’s events at our church.”  –Jeannine Keith, Women’s Ministry, Cranston Christian Fellowship, Cranston Rhode Island

endfcwccollage“For the past two years, Lucinda Secrest McDowell has been a treasured part of Florida Christian Writers Conference. Her energy is infectious, not only to other faculty members, but most especially to our conferees. She has brought knowledge and insight married to encouragement for all.” – Eva Marie Everson, co-director Florida Christian Writers Conference 

Comments from McDowell’s students at the Florida Christian Writers Conference:

  • “This is the first conference I’ve been at where you’ve been teaching and I feel blessed from getting to know you. I now count you as a writer, speaker, teacher and Christian that I want to ‘follow’ and learn from. Wow in so many ways! I love your books too. Thanks for your generous teaching heart in your workshops. Thanks for your realness in the Lord.” – Robbi
  • “It was such a pleasure being in your continuing class at FCWC. I appreciated so much about your presentation. You encouraged each one of us and remembered us by name and by our story. Your advice and handouts were spot on, helping me to focus on the ‘how tos’ of writing and speaking. I also came away with an ‘I can do this’ attitude, feeling I have the tools to do so. Your handouts were all professional, polished and pretty. Thank you again for sharing your time and talent. I personally benefitted from your efforts to pour into us.” – Evelyn
  •      “I want to thank you for the excellent class you provided. I learned so much about both speaking and writing. I refer to the class notes from time to time. I believe the Lord sent you to the conference just for me. You were an answer to my prayers. I appreciate the time you spent with me one-on-one reviewing my devotional project. Your enthusiasm encouraged me. Your book “Live These Words” is blessing my quiet time. So far my favorite one is “Pour.” It really speaks to my heart.” – Doris

endduffieldcollage“Lucinda Secrest McDowell was our guest speaker at the 11th annual Thomas Village Baptist Church Women’s Conference. The theme was “Dwell” with a theme verse from Psalms 91: 1-2. “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Lucinda is so seasoned in the word of God and has a gift with which to pass it on to others. I feel very blessed to have met Lucinda and heard from God through her at our women’s conference. One of the things that touched me so, was when she sang and then prayed- a combination of song and prayer.  It was surely inspired from our heavenly Father. We thank God for blessing us through you. Thank you for ministering to the ladies in a very loving and kind way.”  – Rhonda Smith, Women’s Conference Team, Thomas Village Baptist Church, Duffield VA


endwoodstock“It’s been a hard winter in the northeast, and the Women’s Ministry team knew that the ladies were all just hanging on by their fingernails. They needed encouragement, hope, laughter, and to be reminded of who they are in Christ. God knew in September 2014 that Lucinda could provide all that we would need for a special day to connect with Him and with each other. On March 7, at our one-day “Soul Care” retreat, she did just that! From the exit surveys of the participants, we learned that a new believer was excited to not only learn more about her soul, but how to care for it.  We saw and heard ladies eager to experience a deeper relationship with Jesus. And mature believers rededicated themselves to a more deliberate walk with God. Members of the Women’s Ministry team quickly learned that with Lucinda we had a gem of a partner. From the onset of planning, she was accessible, encouraging and provided wise counsel. Cindy genuinely cared about our ladies and her sincerity and warmth was felt by all. Thank you, Cindy, for answering God’s call.” – Sharlet Hull, Women’s Ministry, Woodstock Evangelical Covenant Church, Woodstock CT


endmontreatcollage“Lucinda Secrest McDowell recently spoke at our Montreat Community Church’s  “Breathe” retreat. Cindy’s transparency and humor engaged our women immediately–from the brand new mom to the retired missionary married 62 years.  With her delightful story-telling and insightful application of God’s Word, she met women on many different levels and sent us home with nuggets of truth to ponder and integrate into our lives.”- Women’s Retreat Team, Christ Community Church, Montreat NC

 Attendees at the Montreat Retreat said their ‘takeaway’ was…

  • “Rest. Relax. Breathe and know He is God! He cares and has a plan.  Don’t rush ahead.”
  • “When I spend time with him in prayer and in his Word, I will be refreshed and able to truly breathe.”
  •  “Get your feet wet.  Very encouraged by Cindy!”
  • “That I can trust and walk out in faith because of the power of the mighty God!”
  • “To be still and quiet…to persevere in trust.”
  • “Slow death by over-stimulation” – cut out the excess”
  •  “Don’t put off spending time with Jesus because of distractions.”
  • “To carve out a special time to spend with God every day.”
  • “Cindy gave the best explanation of forgiveness I have ever heard.” 


endvalleyComments about “A Day to Dwell” for leadership at Valley Church, Avon CT (click here to find out more about hosting your own “Day to Dwell”)

  • “Lucinda’s teaching and insight were refreshing, sincere, biblical and relevant. I loved the fellowship during lunch and the time alone with God. What a wonderful time of ‘sitting in the Presence’ – I felt immediately at home.”
  • “Best part of day was time alone with God in such a beautiful setting, surrounded by other women. Great speaker and preparation of materials for time in prayer. Everything felt so warm and inviting, so well prepared for us.”
  • “The materials were nicely printed with color photos, hymns, prayers, and in a folder to follow up on our quiet time with God.”


houstonlakewood“Thank you, once again, for blessing my congregation by speaking such words of truth and encouragement to our women at our New Year “Soul Care – Moving from Worry to Wisdom.” You impact families and children as well. I hope and pray you felt their receptiveness to all you had to share with us. So thankful to have you in my life!”

~ Rev. Trish Woodruff, Lakewood United Methodist Church, Houston TX


nazareneretreat“Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to once again minister to our New England District Women this weekend with our Retreat “Dwell – At Home with God.”  We have been blessed by Christ’s presence and by yours. May God continue to bless and use you as you continue to be an awesome avenue of His grace to women.” ~ Rev. Lorenda Dunham, New England Nazarene District Women, Vermont


cindynicinewton“It’s always a risk to invite a speaker you have never met to a Christmas Outreach Tea you are hosting. All the more when members of your church have gone out on a limb and invited their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers, many of whom do not yet know Jesus. But I can tell you Lucinda Secrest McDowell was worth the risk. She was fantastic. She is professional yet personable, is a really engaging and poignant speaker, has a heart for people and believes in the power of prayer. The message she brought – “Shine” –   was written especially for our people and as such made an impact. I have been in ministry for many years and especially when it comes to altar calls have seen my fair share of approaches that put people uncomfortably on the spot, especially here in the New England area. Cindy creatively wove that part into her closing prayer in a way that was genuine and not threatening or contrived in the least. It’s no wonder lives were touch and people responded. God used Cindy in a very powerful way at our church and I am confident He will do the same should you invite her”   -Nici Smith, Women’s Ministry Director,  Presbyterian Church, Newton MA


endisicollageLucinda Secrest McDowell has been both a speaker and the Emcee at an Iron Sharpens Iron Women’s Conference for several years and we have LOVED having her be one of the voices of our ministry. She is fun, encouraging, insightful, and inspiring. The women have laughed with her, cried with her, and left her seminars impacted and excited to continue their walk with the Lord.” – Daniel Lagan, Northeast Director, Iron Sharpens Iron Women’s Conference



Oasis Women’s Leadership Team – Armenian Presbyterian Church – Paramus NJ

Lucinda Secrest McDowell was our guest speaker at the Oasis 7th Annual Spiritual Lenten Retreat on the theme of “Hope: Your Soul’s Anchor in a Stormy World”. Lucinda’s biblical teaching about the disciple Peter and her heartfelt personal testimony were effective in helping us visualize what hope in the Lord looks like. She clearly gave a message that Jesus gives each of us a second chance! A delight to listen to and to learn from, Lucinda’s sense of humor was woven into each teaching which made it all the more enjoyable! A highlight for us was when Lucinda sang over us in prayer —  as intimate and soothing to the heart as a baby in her mother’s arms. Lucinda is for sure a role model as a Leader, Teacher and Encourager and we were blessed by her gifts and thankful the Lord brought her to us.”   – April Sliwak, Director of Oasis Women’s Ministry, Armenian Presbyterian Church, Paramus, NJ


gaylewidowsjourney“Lucinda loves to talk about the things of God. With grace and enthusiasm she presented the Word of God in fresh and intelligent ways through her “Dwell” theme at our annual Silent Retreat. She speaks from the foundation of her own steadfast commitment to Him. You will love her and her joy for life.” – Gayle Roper, director of Calvary Fellowship Silent Retreat, Downingtown PA

“I do want to tell you how you inspired me more than I have been inspired in a very long time.  The first night you spoke you made the comment, “Is God here in your life in the moment?  If not He can be.” I have been practicing being more conscience of living that way moment by moment and it has really made a difference for me. Thank you!  Also, I babysat our youngest grand daughter yesterday and rocked her to sleep singing to her.  It was very sweet!  Thank you again for singing over us.  It was such a gift to me and others I’m sure. I continue to go over my notes from this weekend and share with others the things I learned last weekend.  Loved all of the pictures on the handouts and all of your take homes.”letter from a participant at the “Dwell” Silent Retreat



“We love to have Lucinda Secrest McDowell speak at our retreats and here is why we have asked her to come again and again:  She not only blesses the women with deep Biblical truths, humorous stories, and authentic Christianity during her speaking sessions,  but she actively participates in all the aspects of the weekend. Cindy sees our event as the “Lord’s event”, during which she is ‘poured out’ and available for the sake of souls who need encouragement. We are so grateful for how she joins our team in ministry when she is here! She encourages us too!” ~ Judy Jordan, Faith Crafting Retreat Director at Singing Hills Conference Center, New Hampshire


bdmwithlindamoore“Are you looking for an inspiring  speaker who can address the concerns and challenges of your leaders? I would heartily recommend Lucinda Secrest McDowell who spoke at our recent women’s leadership retreat. Because Cindy has been very involved as a leader herself, she knows the importance of speaking to encourage and inspire women who are often beleagured in serving in a variety of capacities.  She knows what its like to “be there!” Our women were refreshed and revitalized through Cindy’s speaking ministry to us. Consider Lucinda for your next leadership retreat or gathering!” – Linda Moore, Director of “by design ministries” in New England


christchapelgroup“We thoroughly enjoyed Lucinda Secrest McDowell as our guest speaker for our “Breathe” women’s retreat.  Lucinda’s life stories are inspirational and encouraging as she shares how God has meet her in so many ways. We were motived to “breathe in”  the presence of God in all of life circumstances.  She is truly a delight and the women at Christ Chapel were blessed by Lucinda’s teachings.”  – Gail Soderstrom,  Christ Chapel, Madison CT


mtmeadowsgals“What a refreshing, inspiring time we enjoyed with Lucinda Secrest McDowell speaking on the timely subject of “Fear or Wonder – Your Soul in the Midst of Change.”  An engaging, lively speaker, Cindy speaks with honesty and real life stories that reach you where you are.  Her words reflect her own deep personal walk with the Lord.  A beautiful closing prayer hymn sung over us all at the close ministered to us body, mind and spirit.  Thank you dear Cindy for turning our fear to wonder as we were brought closer to trusting our loving heavenly Father for ALL things.” Barbara Schoenly, Salisbury CT 


blog7“Our church group loved Lucinda Secrest McDowell so much as a speaker that we invited her back TWO years in a row for our annual retreat! She has an incredible gift of affirmation, encouragement, and glorifying Christ in the way she speaks to women’s hearts. Whenever we read our retreat evaluations, every single attendee mentions that one of their favorite parts of each retreat is– CINDY! The Lord has used her to touch hearts, water weary souls, and transform women’s lives in extraordinary ways. Her ministry is VERY aptly named: “Encouraging Words!” We love Cindy!”
–Jamie Becker, Director of Women’s Ministries at New Beginnings Bible Church in New Jersey

deblowecindyLucinda Secrest McDowell ministered to all of us throughout the day with her amazing gift of sharing her life with others and focusing on ‘Life by God’s Design.’ There were untold blessings sown into the lives of the women in attendance. One woman was overheard saying,  ‘Cindy’s speaking has changed my life!’ Other women shared at Church the next day, how ‘God has blessed us through Cindy’s teaching and her availability to women throughout the day.’ And then at the Ladies Wednesday Bible study more women spoke about how ‘The Holy Spirit was moving’ in their precious lives after Cindy’s teachings. I can say for myself, the richest blessing came to me personally in my prayer life especially for my daughter. Here at Grace, we all feel as though Cindy is our new friend; that we have made a sisterhood together which is extra special because of the way she loved us and cared for us and shared her life in her presentation. Thank You Cindy!” Julie Koehn, co-coordinator “Life by God’s Design” Conference, N. Stonington, CT


spacindycarolk“Lucinda Secrest McDowell is a gifted communicator! Her messages provide the best combination of biblical truth, spiritual depth, anecdotal humor, and poignant application. I am always challenged, encouraged, and motivated to live a life that matters for eternity when I hear Cindy speak. She connects at a heart level with her audiences on and off the platform. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your retreat, conference, leadership event, or retreat!”

–       Carol Kent, Author/Speaker and founder of “Speak Up Speaker Services”


doorofhopeteamLucinda Secrest McDowell spoke on “Spa for the Soul” at our Spring Retreat and was wonderfully received by all the ladies that attended.  We often forget that not only do our bodies need that occasional spa that some of us pay big money for but our mind and our soul needs this refreshing infusion of God’s Word and His Blessings on us as well.   I am so happy and thrilled that Lucinda was able to give us this reminder in her warm and humorous way.  Her insight gave all of us food for thought and filled us up with God’s reminder to give our soul that rest that He only can give us.  I look forward to more of God’s Words and Truths that He gives us through Lucinda’s blessed ministry. P.S. Since that time, a group of us have met weekly to study her book “Amazed By Grace” and God is using our study and discussion of that amazing book to change lives!
– Barbara McKenney,  Women’s Ministry Team (pictured with committee), Door of Hope Community Church in Yalesville, CT
IMG_2253Lucinda Secrest McDowell brought such energy and fun to our “Spa for the Soul” women’s retreat. Her gift of teaching through visual methods and inspirational stories was fabulous. The  message was great for all ages and was brought to a personal level for everyone.”
– Joan Lawson, Director of Women’s Ministry, Calvary Presbyterian Church, Enfield CT

IMG_2301Lucinda Secrest McDowell brought an unusual combination of deep scriptural insight and warm personal vivacity to our women’s retreat. Her lively sense of humor and gift for storytelling made the Bible come alive, in ways that we could understand and apply to our everyday lives. Cindy kept us completely engaged from the moment she began to speak right to the end, and she planted many seeds of spiritual growth that have continued to bloom over the months following the retreat.” – Meredith Rehbach, Memorial Baptist Church, Middlebury VT


hamburgLucinda Secrest McDowell is wise and comforting and challenging all at once.  She talks about Scripture and life with insight and clarity, generously illustrating her points with her own personal experiences.  She sings, she laughs, she interacts with women as if they were her old friends.  We loved having her speak at our women’s retreat – twice!” -Sue McClain, Women’s Ministry Director, Hamburg Wesleyan, New York


 “I have heard Cindy speak a number of times, and it never fails to be a blessing. She offers such down-to-earth, practical wisdom that always points back to Jesus and encourages me as a wife and mother. Cindy is marked by a gracious spirit and sense of humor that make her a joy to be around. You will not be disappointed.”
        -Shelby Mundy, MUMS coordinator, Springfield MA

Major Joyce Hartshorn, Cindy, Major Eunice Champlin

“It was such a joy to have Lucinda Secrest McDowell as our guest speaker at The Salvation Army Women’s Retreat “Come to the Waters”.  We are grateful for her sound handling of the Word and engaging delivery.  Cindy’s ability to communicate biblical truths to our women in a relevant manner not only inspired them for the weekend but will serve to empower them in the days ahead.  I especially enjoyed the way she connected Old and New Testament teaching.  We can’t have one without the other and she displayed that so effectively in her teaching.”

Young Salvation Army Officers

“From the time I first met Cindy for a planning coffee at Starbucks until the time we had our final embrace, I sensed that she was the right woman for the hour that God had planned for us.  Thank you for being in concert with the Holy Spirit and following His leading so that the women of Southern New England could join you on your journey toward Jesus. May we forever live by grace, under His grace.” – Major Joyce Hartshorn, Salvation Army Women’s Ministry


I spoke to Massachusetts Foster Parents of At Risk Kids– these are the wonderful Mentor staffers who coordinate the foster program. Great Work!

“Combining her gift for telling stories with her wit and sense of humor, Cindy was able to present a well-defined, entertaining, and spiritual message that served to re-energize our group. Her charm and enthusiasm created positive energy that undoubtedly contributed to the success of our event. We have nothing but praise for her “Encouraging Words!”

Michael Medeiros, Massachusetts Mentor, Cape Cod MA


Speaker Lucinda Secrest McDowell was great at our conference “Embrace Grace: God’s Gift for Tough Times.”  Making us all feel as if we were old friends, she was engaging, funny, knowledgeable and surely led by the Spirit. Cindy’s message was loving and encouraging, offering something for each person. She shared her own personal stories of struggles and joys with warmth and humor. Her ability to draw you into the joys of Gods promises is one of her many gifts. We were all blessed to have her share this special time in our church life. It is clear to anyone who meets Cindy that she loves the Lord and has a close relationship with Him. Her ability to share her love and faith makes her a very special speaker.
We simply are grateful that the Lord put us all together.
The Women’s Ministry Team – First Baptist Church of Lebanon


Lucinda Secrest McDowell was a dynamic emcee and speaker at our recent “Iron Sharpens Iron Women’s Conference” attended by 2000 New England women. Her ability to convey information in a way that is both professional and yet personable proves a great combination for keynote sessions. Women enjoyed the humor, warmth and worship facilitated by Lucinda and we look forward to partnering with her again next year.”
                  ~    Brian Martin, Northeast Director of “Iron Sharpens Iron”

“The Women’s Fellowship Luncheon recently had the pleasure of hearing Lucinda Secrest McDowell speak to us about “Growing Old GRATEfully”. Her topic was so relevant and encouraging. With her inspiration and suggestions with her ‘Thankful List’, it brought a more grateful meaning to this time of our lives. We all thoroughly enjoyed her visit.”

–          Kathy Rodriguez, Women’s Fellowship, Wethersfield CT

“Lucinda Secrest McDowell is a gifted speaker who is comfortable sharing God’s Word in a variety of settings. Whether it is on stage in front of a large group of people, in the pulpit at church, or in a small intimate Bible study, she shares her passion for Jesus and His message with great authority, given to her by God te Father.  She gives the message of salvation in Christ with deep conviction, with humor and is totally biblically sound.”

Judith Franzen, Board Chair, First Church of Christ in Wethersfield, CT


“Lucinda Secrest McDowell’s retreat topic “Focused Living in a World of Distraction” was spiritually relevant for today’s woman and her gifts as an author came through explicitly in her storytelling. Each woman we spoke with told us they felt as if Cindy was talking directly to them because has a special way of connecting with each individual while staying focused and on track. She delivered her message in a powerful, challenging, thought provoking way with humor mixed in. Cindy was very personable and the ladies felt comfortable speaking and praying with her after the retreat. We loved Cindy and her message, the Women’s Ministry Team at Three Village Church would highly recommend her to any group that is looking to grow spiritually in a loving, nurturing, challenging yet humorous way!”

–       Patricia Smith, Three Village Church, Setauket (Long Island) New York


“I have been in attendance at least six times when Lucinda Secrest McDowell was speaking or emceeing an event. Cindy has the ability to draw her audience in and make each person feel like they have known her forever. She is also a talented, engaging speaker who has a superb knowledge of God’s Word. Cindy has written three Bible studies for the First Place 4 Health program and I highly recommend her for any event where you need someone of her ability.”

       Carole Lewis, National Director, First Place 4 Health ______________________________________

“Lucinda Secrest McDowell was a wonderful blessing and her suggestion for the theme of our retreat  — “With God on the Journey” — was just what the ladies needed to hear and their positive responses reflected that. Cindy knows the Word, lives the Word and imparted the Word in a genuine, heartfelt, receivable way. Cindy is truly a Colossians 3:16-17 servant of God.”

Diane Street, Pastor’s Wife at Salem Evangelical Church, Marion, OH


“Lucinda Secrest McDowell drew her audience into the Christmas season when she spoke at the Manchester Christian Women’s Connection’s December Brunch. Through her words and scripture, she shared the true meaning of  ‘A Royal Christmas’. She always gives to those who hear her, words of wisdom, loving thoughts and encouraging words.”

Connecticut Christian Women’s Connection (Stonecroft Ministries)

“Lucinda Secrest McDowell was our guest speaker at “A Patchwork Christmas” Ladies Tea for the Women of Wellspring in December 2010.  Overflowing with warmth, humor, and refreshing honesty, Cindy shared rich stories from her life; and inspired us to lay down our burdens amidst the busyness of the season.  And per our request, she brought some of her beautiful handmade quilts to remind us that the Lord is the Master Weaver of our lives.  It was a beautiful and memorable night of drawing close to each other and Emmanuel, God with us.  Thanks Cindy!”  Women of Wellspring, Kensington, CT

“The board of Kauai of Women of Faith all agreed that Lucinda Secrest McDowell was one of our favorite speakers. Lucinda is an excellent speaker and writer, who weaves stories from her own life and experiences as a professional women in ministry who fell in love and marries a widower with 3 children. With God’s strength and power she communicates her struggles, her passions, her victories, and most importantly her desire to glorify God in all her relationships and accomplishments. We were encouraged and refreshed. My husband and I had the added benefit of providing Cindy and Mike’s accommodations in our guest house and were able to enjoy several meals and walks along the beach and wonderful conversation. They encouraged us very much in the ministry that we have with the youth on our island and generally just blessed us with their wisdom and kind words. Love them!!”

–          Lynette Booye, Kauai Women of Faith


“Lucinda was such a pleasure to work with for our New England Nazarene District 10th Anniversary Retreat.  As a new retreat director, I was grateful that she helped me through the process. Her topic was “Focused Living in a World of Distraction” and it was so on point. She is a wonderful storyteller and was great at helping us see what our distractions are and how we need to focus on the Saviour. She was very accessible to the ladies and willing to listen and share. I would love to have her back as our speaker.”
Esther Gordon, Director of New England Nazarene District Women’s Retreat
“WOW” is only one word to express Cindy’s capable way of connecting with the ladies while allowing the Holy Spirit to use her to minister.  Cindy’s knowledge of the scriptures allows her to teach at a personal level that everyone in their own personal way can catch a hold of.  With this, the ladies are taught biblically and are challenged to never give up even when they don’t understand, for our God is always with them. We here at Faith Evangelical Free Church of Waterville, Maine look forward to having Cindy here with us again.  We so enjoyed the laughter tears and true life adventures that she shared, we want more! Cindy truly is living the Role of a Lifetime.”
 Rhonda Dunbar, Women’s Ministry Director, Faith Evangelical Free Church, Waterville Maine
“We would like to thank Lucinda for a wonderful contribution that she brought to our Role of a Lifetime event. SO many women at our conference needed what the Lord presented through her. She was a wonderful mix of wit and depth and challenge and encouragement. The whole event exceeded our expectations and the Spirit was present and active. Thank you Lucinda and May God continue to use your life for His glory.”  – Anna Yasharian, Women’s Ministry of Evangelical Baptist, Laconia NH
“Lucinda Secrest McDowell delivered an amazing presentation on her book “Role of a Lifetime” this spring at  historic St. Philips Church in Charleston. She was totally engaged in giving our women a message that was clearly inspired, humorous and pertinent to the lives of everyone.  She connected with our multi-aged group about their heart’s desire…finding a unique place of significance in the Kingdom of God. We would love to have Cindy present to us on all of her books!”
            – Gloria Avent, St. Philips Episcopal Church in Charleston SC
     “Lucinda Secrest McDowell’s recent presentation to our Men’s Group Dinner on the subject of a Mother’s perspective on Fatherhood was received with deep appreciation by all who attended. Her words provided a fresh perspective on how a wife and mother would hope to be supported by their husbands.  All left with a sense of being affirmed and with a renewed commitment to our roles as fathers and husbands.  Thank you Cindy for your profound insight and Scriptural reminders of who we are to be.”
                                           –Peter W. Wielhouwer,  Men’s Ministry Coordinator, Congregational Church of Windsor Locks, CT
     “What a delight it was to have Lucinda Secrest McDowell at Harvest Bible Chapel’s Revive 2010 conference. Here are some of the responses we received from our ladies. ‘This is the first conference that the speaker spoke to me!’. ‘Cindy was so warm and real.’ ‘She has energized me to live my life as God has a plan for me.’ We had a great time of getting to know God more through her words and every women felt encouraged know God loves them and will not fail them. Cindy, thanks so much for being you!”
                 Cindy Anderson, Harvest Bible Chapel Retreat Director, Lake Zurich, IL
“We are still in awe at God’s goodness in connecting us with Cindy who has blessed us with her teaching “Spa for the Soul” and “Role of a Lifetime” for two different women’s retreats at Camp of the Woods.  Through her willingness to be transparent we could all relate to her, and as a gifted speaker she has the ability to lift with laughter or lovingly correct and direct with God’s Word.  Most of all, she has been a godly example to all of us of a woman who loves God, her husband and children, and the Body of Christ, and is especially discerning and sensitive to the needs of women.  We hope to continue our association with Cindy for many years to come and highly recommend her to all!”
       – Deb Heck, Pastor’s Wife, Resurrection Life Church in Rome, NY

  “Our ladies were blessed to hear Lucinda share at our recent Christmas Tea.  Everyone felt she was ‘real’ as a person, relevant in what she had to say, and easy to listen to as well as to approach.  It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon together, and I know God used her to impact hearts.  It was also nice to have her “Encouraging Words”  book table available for resources to help us grow in our walk with the Lord. We only wish the time together had been longer!”
Joyce Musser, Women’s Ministry Director of New Village Church in Lake Grove, NY

“Having Cindy speak at our Annual Christmas Luncheon was a true blessing!  She  was warm, energetic and fun to listen to, but more importantly, she pointed us straight to the manger in Bethlehem and the Child who was born to be a King.  The women who attended responded enthusiastically and came away with new insights as to how we could honor God and respond to His incredible Gift to us in our celebration of the upcoming Christmas Season.”
    Betsy West, Women of Fourth Presbyterian in Bethesda MD 
“Cindy was very well received by our congregation during our recent ‘Adventure in Faith’ Sunday. Her personal style and engaging personality was just what we needed to start us off on the right foot for 2010!”
       Rev. David Rockness, First Congregational Church in Litchfield CT
    “The women of our community of faith have been blessed with Cindy’s encouraging words on three occasions -two retreats and a banquet! We have also used “Spa for the Soul” and “Quilts from Heaven” for our summer book clubs. Her spiritual wisdom is practical, down to earth and from the heart — as well as sprinkled with humor!”
Betsy Redgate, Director of Faith Studies, St. James Parish in Stratford CT
 “Cindy charmed those in attendance with her captivating presentation at our Annual Tea.  She knew her audience, shared heart warming stories and encouraged us to use our abilities to serve God in our own unique way.”
     Jane Hutchins, Philanthropic Educational Organization’s 50th Anniversary Event

“What a blessing Cindy poured out upon our women at our “Spa for the Soul” retreat this weekend!  Cindy spoke from her heart about her life experiences with love and humor we all can relate to in one way or another… what a joy is was to laugh, sing, pray and worship God with her!  Thanks Cindy!”

– Marcy King, Retreat Team, Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian, Bloomfield Hills, MI  _________________________________________

“What a delight to have you speak at our first ‘Celebrate Together’ event. You blessed us all with your wit and wisdom. May Lord continue to use you to advance His kingdom and encourage His daughters!”
                                          – Linda Moore, ‘by design’ Women’s Ministry of New England
      “Thank you so much for your presentation of ‘More than Conquerors’ at our Joni and Friends Annual Dinner. We appreciate your sharing from both God’s Word and your own family’s experience with disabilities. People were blessed!”
                               – Linda Smith, Joni and Friends Greater Boston

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