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Confessions of a Recovering People-Pleaser

Confessions of a Recovering People-Pleaser Lucinda Secrest McDowell  “Remember, you are living for an audience of One.” My friend Steve Hayner’s great reminder of our goal — to glorify our most important ‘audience’ – God. Not that our friends be spellbound.  Not … Continue reading

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What I Promised All My Children

What I Promised All My Children Lucinda Secrest McDowell I prayed a dedication over each of my children – that they would know God and that He would always guide and protect them throughout life. From then on, my role … Continue reading

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4 New Books for Mothering Day

4 New Books for Mothering Day Lucinda Secrest McDowell That special day of recognition is coming soon – you know, the one that can be either joyful or painful, depending on your life story.  Perhaps we should call it “Mothering Day” … Continue reading

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100 Days of Trust

100 Days of Trust Lucinda Secrest McDowell The news tonight was horrific. And frightening. Seemingly hopeless. And the news last night was the same. In the first 100 days of this new year there were times I was tempted to feel a bit … Continue reading

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Need Quiet?

Need Quiet? Lucinda Secrest McDowell In looking over the evaluation sheets from a recent retreat I was struck by every single answer to this question being almost exclusively the same: “What was the best part of the day?”   Quiet time alone with … Continue reading

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How Will You Remember Christ’s Passion?

How Will You Remember Christ’s Passion? Lucinda Secrest McDowell It was all so new they didn’t understand.             The twelve disciples had gathered in the upper room with Jesus and He was talking with them about His body and blood … Continue reading

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When No One Sees or Knows … Except God

When No One Sees or Knows… Except God Lucinda Secrest McDowell              Today Dieter lives an unseen life.             But it was not always so. He pioneered one of the first GenX churches in America … Continue reading

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