I Did A Drastic Thing Today!

I Did A Drastic Thing Today!

Lucinda Secrest McDowell

Look what I found in the Bible!

“Hair that is turning white is like a crown of honor. It is found in the way of being right with God.” Proverbs 16.31 NLV

You mean all that natural white hair I’ve been hiding for ummm… a few years… is actually a Crown of Honor? Found on those who are Right with God?

Who knew?

I decided to reconsider some of my choices. Like maybe to give in to my genes and begin sporting the white that is my heritage.

I thought I had a good reason for staying blonde. Because I don’t feel old I didn’t want to look old. But then I realized that God, the Artist, designed my youthful attitude and my lighter hair to perfectly complement each other in this season of life.

Drastic Thing Today? Embracing life in my natural hair color – sorta beigy/white.

See these three beautiful ladies here? That’s Mama (91) with her younger sisters Aunt Carol (80) and Aunt Rebecca (77). In the Hasty/Chastain branch of our family, many of the women’s hair naturally turns white in their thirties, others reach that gorgeous color later in life. I think they look wonderful, but mostly they ARE WONDERFUL women!

A few other wonderful women gave me great thoughts on silvery living.

My dear friend Liz Curtis Higgs proudly began showing her silver when she was fifty! “One mature woman clucked her tongue at me and said, ‘Honey, you are aging yourself ten years with that hair.’ (It was really hard not to snap back, ‘And you, honey, are fooling no one with your color not found in nature!’ But I didn’t. Honest.)” Liz has discovered that many women under thirty appreciate her silver crown, “Wild, right? Could be they’re happy to see an older woman take what God has given her and run with it. Why not?”

Fellow author friend Kendra Smiley’s white locks were definitely in the minority at a recent high school reunion where age is no secret, but she prides herself on being a “natural woman!” Can’t you just hear Carole King belting out that song right now?

Why not?

So I’m now on my way… Just one more step on this year’s journey of

  • Simplifying my Life,
  • Focusing on the Essentials, and
  • Learning how to Live Steadfast & Soul Strong.

under the mercy, Lucinda

“Helping You Choose a Life of Serenity and Strength”

©2018 Lucinda Secrest McDowell        http://www.EncouragingWords.net 

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4 Responses to I Did A Drastic Thing Today!

  1. heidichiavaroli says:

    You are beautiful, Lucinda, no matter what color your hair, as are the women in your family! Actually, did you know some young women dye their hair white? It’s becoming the “in” thing, I think. ❤

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS and totally YOU! So proud of you, sister. It’s all part of embracing who God created us to be!

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