Lucinda Secrest McDowell

You quieted the raging oceans with their pounding waves and silenced the shouting of the nations.  Psalm 65.7 

            When God says “Hush” we had better listen! He is, after all, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, able to silence nature as well as nations.

            Do you find yourself only half-listening to a conversation because you are mentally crafting your own brilliant response? Are you tired of your own voice yet?

            Sometimes God bids us to be quiet – to speak small and listen large.

            Even if such practice goes against our nature. Even if we actually have something important and worthy to say. But especially if we haven’t invested sufficient thought and prayer into what the words will be that come forth from our mouth.

            Jesus said that it is out of the heart that the mouth speaks (Luke 6.45). So perhaps we need to make sure these fickle, fragile hearts of ours have sufficient tending. Listening for God’s still small voice. Resting and relying on His words to fill us with both truth and trust.

      Is it time for you to HUSH?

            H – Hear God’s voice through reading His Word.

            U – Understand His will through prayer.

            S – Silence your own voice, in order to receive.

            H – He will quiet your soul.

Lord, my mouth is shut and ears are open. Please speak. Amen.

under the mercy, Cindy

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©2017 Lucinda Secrest McDowell

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