4 New Books for Mothering Day

4 New Books for Mothering Day

Lucinda Secrest McDowell

That special day of recognition is coming soon – you know, the one that can be either joyful or painful, depending on your life story.  Perhaps we should call it “Mothering Day” and take time to honor anyone who has ever encouraged a child, for truly there are many people who have helped launch our little ones out in the world with courage and compassion – living that verb ‘to mother.’

My friend Barbara Mahany says “May it be mothering, the art of tender caring, coaxing life, leaving mercy in your wake, the art that knows no gender bounds, the art the world needs in mighty thronging masses, may it be mothering, and not just mothers, for which we stand and shout, God bless you, each and every motherer.”

In celebration, I‘d love to introduce you to 4 great new books by author /friends whose words touch those places and times of investment in precious lives of the young.

For anyone at any time – great words to grab and go for your day:  “Do you know a mama who could use some encouragement? Then, Kendra Smiley’s new “Mother of the Year” would be a perfect gift. Each day it’s like having coffee with a wise and witty older woman who has been there and lived to share the fun, frustrating and faith parts of the ‘hardest job you’ll ever love.’ This daily walk through motherhood offers bite-sized words of wisdom for every day of the year. And the author actually holds the legitimate title of “Mother of the Year” (Illinois) so you know it’s good advice! Soaked in scripture, this tiny volume packs a punch and fits nicely into your purse, briefcase or diaper bag. Don’t do motherhood without it!” ~ Lucinda Secrest McDowell

For when your birds have flown the nest and you are recalibrating your mothering:    “With my fourth child now enrolled in university 1000 miles away, I devoured Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest by Susan Yates and Barbara Rainey! This book (new edition just released) is not only full of practical advice and life application for dealing with this new season of changing relationships, but it also actively encourages me to pursue new opportunities as God leads. I especially appreciated the emphasis on taking time to reflect on my life story and then gearing up to embrace my future with both purpose and passion. We Baby Boomers always wanted to change the world. The good news is that we still can, as older, wiser, focused women of God.” ~ Lucinda Secrest McDowell

For those who mother the one you chose who is challenged on many levels:       “Every story is unique. Some are life-changing. Meadow Rue Merrill‘s “Redeeming Ruth” is a memoir that may just change forever the way you look at sacrifice, perseverence, and finding joy in that which the world disdains. Because of her vast journalism background, this narrative is riveting in its depiction of the plight of disabled children in Africa and the challenges of international adoption with seemingly insurmountable medial needs. But because of her deep faith, this tender telling of God’s provision at every obstacle — financial, physical, spiritual, medical — will most certainly offer hope to all readers who are seeking God’s power and presence in their own challening life. Mostly, “Redeeming Ruth” is a story of courage. A couple who decided to follow God in obedience and trust Him to write the ending. As the parent of a special needs child and a fellow supporter of the Joni and Friends international ministry, I totally agree with Merrill that her little Ruth’s life help teaches “the value of people the world often overlooks. How that which requires the greatest sacrifice can also bring our greatest joy.” I dare you to read of her harrowing travel to Uganda without seeing God’s hand all over this story. Thank you, Meadow, for reminding us all that “Joy… is trusting God to meet my needs while I pour out my life to meet the needs of others.” May we all endeavor to do the same.” ~ Lucinda Secrest McDowell

For anyone at any time who believes that love and prayer are our greatest legacy:      “Motherprayer  is one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read. Barbara Mahany not only writes from deep within her heart, but she carefully crafts each chosen word with meaning that touches the reader’s soul. Especially those of us who have been given the inestimable privilege of mothering. Yes, the verb which of necessity simply must be accompanied by much prayer since we all arrive at this job “barely equipped.” Using birds and nesting as a metaphoric thread throughout the book was a delightful bonus, as were the recipes and celebrations of ordinary life that we long to capture forever in our memories. Mahany’s transparent memoir of sorrow, dreams, paying attention, joy, release, listening, and changing seasons reveal a life that squeezes meaning from every precious moment. Undergirding it all is the belief that prayer and loving are perhaps a mother’s greatest legacy. “I was teaching my little boy to pray… Most of all he learned that God is the unseen, but very much present, Someone to Lean On in our house. That’s what I always wanted – for him to know with his every breath that there was a God to whom he could always turn, with whom he could share every twitch and twang of his heart.” Don’t just read this book – savor it slowly – then pass it along to that person who needs these tender words.” ~ Lucinda Secrest McDowell

With GRATITUDE for the special ones I’ve been privileged to MOTHER through the years. Happy Mothering Day!

under the mercy, Cindy

©2017 Lucinda Secrest McDowell

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2 Responses to 4 New Books for Mothering Day

  1. bam says:

    bless you, dear dear cindy, for your emphatic goodness and kindness and your one-in-a-million ebullience. i want to curl up with each one of the breathtaking books — kendra’s, and susan and barbara’s, and meadow’s (what a glorious name, by the way). i actually want to curl up on a window seat or in an armchair beside you, with a fire crackling, and i want to hear you laugh out loud, or sigh, or brush away a tear as you read. for to sit beside you, to inhale soul-filled story, enlightened wisdom, side-by-side in the very same room, it’s the only thing i could imagine as more wonderful than curling up here and reading you tell the wonders of books you’ve found along your way. i know i am all the lighter and filled with grace for having been embraced by you and your writerly friendship. thank you from the bottom of my heart. and thank you, too, kendra and susan and barbara and meadow……i’ll be turning all your pages…..

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