Grab a Hoe and Start Breaking Up Your Unplowed Ground!

Grab a Hoe and Start Breaking Up Your Unplowed Ground!

Lucinda Secrest McDowell

Are you coasting through life?

You know the symptoms – lacking energy or enthusiasm for pursuing new things; feeling jaded or lethargic when you hear others speaking of a new vision or passion in their lives. Sometimes you just want to say, “Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.”

If so, then God has a word for you, through the prophet Hosea.

            It’s time. “Break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the Lord, until he comes and showers his righteousness on you.”  (Hosea 10:12)

BlogUnplowedGod will do whatever is necessary to stir things up in order to make that happen. Because a field unplowed is an opportunity squandered.

And opportunities are what God is all about.

The phrase “unplowed ground” is the Hebrew noun nîr, meaning “the tillable or fallow ground.” It is land that could be productive, but for whatever reason has not been broken up, tilled, plowed, and prepared for planting.

Are there whole parts of your life that are unused? Do you sometimes feel as though God has only part of you, but you’re saving the rest for….well, what?

The reason fallow ground is unusable is that it has not been prepared for planting. There are still obstacles. Sometimes we hold back from life because of similar obstacles. The stones in your field might be all those cutting remarks people made about you as a child – too dumb, too slow, too awkward. Or they might be burdens dropped on you every time you assumed guilt for other’s choices.

But those stones must go!

And the soil must be loosened and plowed. It may be hard-packed. You may have worked all your life building up those protective defenses against being hurt again. And so you’ve learned to stuff your feelings and remain stoic. But God wants to plant seeds of healing and hope in the hard soil and so you must allow the breaking of the ground.

Is there hardness of heart that needs loosening?

Finally, you need to do something that my Daddy did every spring at our south Georgia farm – controlled burning. Thorns and weeds choke any possibility of new growth. They will prevent the promise of passion to fully bloom in your life. So throw them in the fire – let go of all that entangles your heart and threatens your freedom. It might be a relationship, a habit, or an idol. But it’s time to let the flames devour those fast growing weeds.

Will you allow Him to redeem your past experiences and recycle them for future opportunities?

I think I’ll go grab a hoe and get started….

under the mercy, Cindy



June 21 – July 5




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©2016 Lucinda Secrest McDowell
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One Response to Grab a Hoe and Start Breaking Up Your Unplowed Ground!

  1. maggierowe says:

    I used to watch my dad cultivate the fields around our farm each spring, and only many years later did I realize how vitally important that was. It’s certainly true in our lives as well. Thanks for reminding us, Cindy.

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