Who Knew a Hat Could Save a Life?

 Who Knew a Hat Could Save a Life?

by Lucinda Secrest McDowell

hatcat   Today my friend who has a ministry in the inner city gave me a warm winter hat. One of many lovingly made by God’s people to hand out to the cold who have no warmth. This blue fleece cap was an extra after hundreds of toys and clothes had been distributed during the holiday season. In sharing this, Vicki told an incredible story.

   And it all began about a week ago when she had taken a hungry child through McDonald’s in Hartford in order to treat her to some chicken nuggets.

hatdrivethruAs the window attendant handed her the order, Vicki graciously offered her one of the new warm winter hats, wished her a Merry Christmas and drove away. Responding to promptings of the Holy Spirit comes naturally to this woman who has been a minister to children and families for more than a quarter century. She knew that sewn inside each hat was a tag saying “God Loves You. Camp Hope.” Or “Peace. Hope. Love. God Bless You.”

But she never suspected that giving one hat could literally save a life.

This week Vicki was stunned to receive a message forwarded from the folks at Camp Hope (where many of these hats were made by people who wanted to donate them to the needy). Turns out, it was written by the window attendant from that McDonald’s order…

hathat“Hello, my name is _______. Today I received a winter hat working in the McDonald’s drive thru by a lady whom I wish I had asked her name. On the inside of the hat it said “God loves you. Camp Hope.” And I hope I’m writing to the right place.

If I am and if you happen to know who this woman is, I’d like to thank her. I’ve been a Christian since age 15 and I’ve always been strong in my faith even with my share of trials. But for the past year or so I’ve suffered from major anxiety and depression.

This morning I woke up with the intention of not living another day. My boss called this morning saying he needed me early so I decided I was gonna do it (kill myself) after work.

hatworkerIt is true that God comes at the right time. Seeing that message at that moment served as a reminder that I am loved. And not just by anyone but by God, creator of EVERYTHING! Sometimes we forget about something so amazing as that.

One thing I’ve realized that as humans we don’t question God’s ability to do things but his willingness to do things for us, because we fail daily and don’t think he’d do things for us. We just have to keep faith that God does love us and is willing to do anything for us.

In summation, I just want to thank her for letting God use her in such a way that seems small, but for me it was great.  God used her to save my life.

Well, if you do know who this woman might be if you can kindly show her this message. If not, well it was worth a try. Maybe this testimony can be of blessing.

                                                                             Best, __________”

A hat. A giver. An intentional act.

All working together to be the answer to a prayer for hope – for life out of death.

hathandsWhat do you have to give today?

Who will God bring into your life, needing a sign of His love, His hope?

Will you do it?


under the mercy, Cindy

©2014 Lucinda Secrest McDowell


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3 Responses to Who Knew a Hat Could Save a Life?

  1. jeannedoyon says:

    Powerful story. Thanks for sharing this. I love how God works

  2. Jeanne, I love how God works too. Let’s have coffee soon….

  3. Marti says:

    what a great story! It just reinforces everything we have been learning about how we need to be witnesses for others. We just never know how it will touch someone. Praise God for Vicki and the miracle of the hat that very day!

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